Private Room

To rent a private room for 6-14 pals, you just have to meet a minimum tab ($5 day-passes, drinks and food)

Party Room

Email for inquiries.  For up to 50 of your closest friends you can rent the party room! $5 day passes are included. (Not available on Friday and Saturday nights.)

The Whole Place!

You can rent the whole shebang! Email for inquiries.  Spielbound holds up to 120 people.


Red Room (seats up to 10) $80 TAB
Green Room (seats up to 15) $100 TAB

**Call (402) 763-8444 to reserve


STARTS AT $200 + $150 minimum tab*

**Prices vary based on day and time



$500 AND UP** + Tab

**Prices vary based on day and time