Episode 22: SeaFall Review!

When the much anticipated legacy game, Seafall was released in 2016, lots and LOTS of reviewers chimed in with their opinions without actually finishing the campaign. So we decided to play the roughly 30 hour campaign of this ever-changing exploration game. Here are our thoughts!

Don't want any spoilers? Have no fear! We give our quick final impressions before giving you, the listener, an egregious amount of warning for incoming spoilers.

Episode 21: Pretzcon and Werewolves

In the very 2nd episode 21 we lament the tragic demise of the 1st episode 21, another victim of the gremlins that live inside Scott's computer. We also talk about how important it is for you to go to Pretzcon. Seriously, go to Pretzcon.org and get yoself signed up! (unless it's past April 2017 when you're reading this, then you can just feel bad about missing the awesomeness.) Other stuff presumably happens, you should listen and then tweet at us about it. MARKETING!