Episode 43: Overgeneralizing Light Gamers

In this Episode of the Spielcast, we entertain Scott's need to label everyone by attempting to come up with a new term for the group of people who prefer light games. There's almost no way where we break any new ground, and a functionally 100% chance one of us says something very stupid. IT'S WHAT WE DO!

Also, we discuss these titles (proving relevance plays no part in our topic selection):



Pandemic: Rising Tide

Pillars of the Earth

The Godfather: Corleone's Empire

Episode 38, or 37...whatever, it's complicated: Legacy Shootout with Shelby

In this Episode of the Spielcast, we look ahead 2 whole days to the Spielbound Black Friday Sale! We've also played a ton of games that we're super happy with. Shelby joins us again in a failed attempt to get Scott to stop it with his sandwich nonsense. Flick 'em up!, Photosynthesis, Pandemic Legacy Season 2...Which game will rise as our favorite of the week!?! 

Episode 33: Scratch and Sniff Munchkin

In this, the best 33rd episode of the Spielcast, we cover a lot of topics. We GIVE AWAY A GAME TO A LISTENER, skip talking about what we're drinking (spoiler: it's coffee and beer), discuss a boat load of games including but not limited to Food Chain Magnate and Unearth, Cody almost dies from accidental cinnamon inhalation, AND WE GIVE A GAME AWAY TO A LISTENER!!!

Also, Bryce Journey joins us and we play quite possibly the stupidest game ever made.  Buckle Up! We have opinions!