Episode 48: Ghostbusters II vs. Speed 2

In this 48th Episode of the Spielcast we're joined by guest hosts Shelby and Marcus. Now some of you may know it's Scott's unofficial job to keep the podcast on track when we stray off on unrelated topics. Take a look at the title of this episode and guess for yourself how well that went this week.


Games discussed this week:

Burgle Bros.

Nusfjord (again)

Dragon and Flagon

7 Wonders

not Eclipse

The many unpublished prototypes of Unpub!

Episode 47: Pining for the Fjords with Dryden

In this Episode of the Spielcast we're joined by Dryden, the creator of the Spielcast theme song. We're also joined by Shelby, so you know Elijah Wood will be discussed!

We take a long look at the new Uwe Rosenburg game, Nusfjord. We also probably take a look at some other games too.

Games Discussed this episode:


A "non-Nusfjord" game

An additional "non-Nusfjord" game

Episode 45: We Don't Know What Indian Summer Means

In this episode of the Spielcast, we're joined by recurring guest host Kaleb Michaud to discuss the new "Spielbound Favorites" Section of the Spielbound board game library. We also discuss a few lighter games; Indian Summer and the Splendor expansion. Well, we say we're going to talk about the Splendor expansion, but I don't know that we actually do...


Other games that were not harmed in the recording of the Spielcast:

Sentinels of the Multiverse


Clans of Caledonia

Dungeon Petz

Indian Summer

Episode 44: A Few of Our Favorite Things

In this Episode of the Spielcast we make fun of each other’s top 10 favorite board game lists. Theoretically it’s a way to help you, the listener, understand our opinions on games and whether to trust them or not. But mostly it’s an opportunity for us to make fun of each other’s taste.


Also mentioned:

Rajas of the Ganges


Game Night (The movie)